Struggles Persist for Residents of Gharshin district

Struggles Persist for Residents of Gharshin district in Khost due to Lack of Basic Facilities

Residents of the Gharshin district in Khost continue to grapple with a lack of essential amenities, highlighting ongoing challenges in accessing basic services.

Located approximately 15 kilometers from Khost’s city center, Gharshin lacks adequate healthcare services, a longstanding issue plaguing the local community. Despite efforts from the International Committee of the Red Cross Afghanistan ’s mobile health team to provide daily medical assistance, residents bemoan the absence of female doctors, a critical need in addressing women’s health concerns.

Local inhabitants emphasize the urgent need for comprehensive healthcare services in the area, advocating for the deployment of both male and female medical professionals. They highlight the difficulties faced by female patients, particularly in the realm of gynecology, exacerbated by poor road conditions and the absence of specialized healthcare providers.

Mar Afghan

Mar Afghan is a reporter for The Afghan Times.

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