Discover the stories of remarkable individuals shaping the Afghan narrative with The Afghan Times’ People. From inspiring profiles of leaders and changemakers to captivating interviews with everyday heroes, this section celebrates the diverse people who are making a difference in Afghanistan and beyond. Explore their journeys, triumphs, and challenges as they navigate through life, leaving a lasting impact on their communities and the world at large. Join us in honoring the resilience, courage, and achievements of individuals who are shaping the course of history and shaping the future of Afghanistan.

Afghan Women Face Serious Challenges Amid Flooding

Maqsooda and her daughters now drink as little water as possible during the day. They prefer to spend hours in…

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Afghanistan Flash floods leave women struggling to access sanitary products

Women in the flooded provinces do not feel they can talk about periods and sanitary products. Women affected by flash…

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Afghanistan has been ranked as the saddest country in the world

On Wednesday, March 20, the Gallup organization published the outcomes of a fresh global survey in its yearly report on…

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Education Challenges Persist for Afghan Children in Khost Province

In Babrak Thana, Khost province, Afghan students demonstrate remarkable resilience as they pursue their education in makeshift classrooms lacking basic…

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