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Female doctors who have fled Afghanistan are facing numerous challenges in Pakistan

According to a report by the World Health Organization (WHO) in 2024, Afghanistan’s health sector urgently requires assistance. The report…

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The struggle of Afghan women to find food

Bibi, a mother from Afghanistan, wakes up every morning with a heavy heart, knowing that another day of struggle lies…

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Amidst strict limitations, online education offers hope for female Afghan students

This report has been prepared by Saeedullah Safi & Gulaly Najib from The Afghan Times – 16 August 2023 Declaration:…

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Afghan new school year begins with more than 1 million girls barred from education

Today marks the beginning of the school year in Afghanistan, with over two million students expected to enroll, representing a…

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Struggles Persist for Residents of Gharshin district

Struggles Persist for Residents of Gharshin district in Khost due to Lack of Basic Facilities Residents of the Gharshin district…

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Health and Education Challenges Persist in Gayan District

Challenges Persist in Gayan District: Limited Health Services and Education Compromise Community Well-being Residents of Gayan district in Paktika province…

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“Two years away from sports, I feel like I’m not alive“: Afghan sportswomen ongoing struggles under Taliban Rule

ISLAMABAD, October 16, 2023 – “How long will we not be allowed to participate in sports?” Laleh raised this question,…

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