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Before reaching hospital, the woman and her child died

Karimdad Rahimi, a resident of Baghlan province, said the dire situation faced by women during childbirth due to the lack…

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The Dire State of Afghan Children: Facing Hardships and Threats

The plight of Afghan children remains dire as they grapple with a multitude of challenges, exacerbating an already precarious situation.…

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Struggles Persist for Residents of Gharshin district

Struggles Persist for Residents of Gharshin district in Khost due to Lack of Basic Facilities Residents of the Gharshin district…

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Health and Education Challenges Persist in Gayan District

Challenges Persist in Gayan District: Limited Health Services and Education Compromise Community Well-being Residents of Gayan district in Paktika province…

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Education Challenges Persist for Afghan Children in Khost Province

In Babrak Thana, Khost province, Afghan students demonstrate remarkable resilience as they pursue their education in makeshift classrooms lacking basic…

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