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Thank you for considering contributing to The Afghan Times. We welcome contributions from writers, journalists, photographers, and individuals passionate about human rights, women’s issues, and current affairs in Afghanistan and beyond. To ensure the quality and relevance of submissions, please review the following guidelines:

1. Content Focus:

  • We prioritize articles, essays, opinion pieces, and photojournalism that shed light on human rights issues, women’s rights, social justice, and current events in Afghanistan.
  • Submissions should offer unique perspectives, insights, or personal experiences that contribute to the discourse on important topics.
  • We encourage diversity in viewpoints and voices, but all content must adhere to our editorial standards and values.

2. Originality:

  • Submissions must be original works created by the contributor. Plagiarism or the use of content without proper attribution is strictly prohibited.
  • If your submission has been previously published elsewhere, please disclose this information and ensure you have the necessary rights to republish it on The Afghan Times.

3. Writing Style:

  • Articles should be well-written, engaging, and clear. Use concise language and avoid jargon or overly technical terms.
  • Opinion pieces should be supported by evidence, facts, or personal experiences. Avoid baseless claims or unfounded opinions.
  • Photojournalism submissions should include captions that provide context and relevance to the accompanying images.

4. Length and Format:

  • Articles typically range from 500 to 4,000 words. Longer pieces may be considered if they provide in-depth analysis or investigative reporting.
  • Please submit written content in a Word document or Google Docs format. For photojournalism submissions, high-resolution images in JPEG or PNG format are preferred.

5. Submission Process:

  • To submit your contribution, please email it to with the subject line “Contribution Submission – [Title of Your Piece].”
  • Include a brief author bio (50-100 words) with your submission, along with any relevant links to your personal website, social media profiles, or previous work.
  • Our editorial team will review all submissions and may provide feedback or request revisions before publication.

6. Editorial Rights:

  • The Afghan Times reserves the right to edit, modify, or reject submissions that do not meet our editorial standards or align with our values.
  • By submitting your work to The Afghan Times, you grant us the non-exclusive right to publish, distribute, and promote your content across our platforms.

7. Financial Considerations:

As a small organization with limited funds, we regret that we cannot offer monetary compensation to contributing writers. This limitation particularly affects contributors based in Afghanistan.
We appreciate the dedication and talent of our contributors, and we strive to provide a platform for their voices to be heard.

Thank you for your interest in contributing to The Afghan Times. We appreciate your dedication to amplifying important voices and issues, and we look forward to receiving your submissions. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us at

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    Karimdad Rahimi, a resident of Baghlan province, said the dire situation faced by women during childbirth due to the lack of proper medical facilities. He emphasized, “Khost district, which is more than 100 kilometers away from Pul Khumri, the center of Baghlan province, has difficult roads, and due to the lack of facilities of the…

  • Young people in Khost have launched a campaign to enroll children in schools

    In Khost province, a group of young people are going from village to village to encourage enrolling school-aged children in schools. They offer free school photos for children to promote education awareness. In addition to the city center of Khost, volunteers are visiting various villages in the remote regions of the province. They are encouraging…

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    According to a report by the World Health Organization (WHO) in 2024, Afghanistan’s health sector urgently requires assistance. The report highlights that due to the lack of health facilities in the country, 21 mothers lose their lives every day, resulting in 148 children being severely affected. During the preceding Republic administration, there were grievances regarding…

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    Bibi, a mother from Afghanistan, wakes up every morning with a heavy heart, knowing that another day of struggle lies ahead. With deep lines etched on her face from years of hardship, she starts her day by doing laundry, cleaning homes, and cooking meals for families in her community. These tasks are not just chores…

  • Amidst strict limitations, online education offers hope for female Afghan students

    This report has been prepared by Saeedullah Safi & Gulaly Najib from The Afghan Times – 16 August 2023 Declaration: This report was originally published by The Afghan Times on 16 August 2023. However, due to the loss of our archive, we are re-publishing it to ensure its availability to our readers. We apologize for…

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