Health and Education Challenges Persist in Gayan District

Challenges Persist in Gayan District: Limited Health Services and Education Compromise Community Well-being

Residents of Gayan district in Paktika province are still facing difficulties with healthcare and education. People say they can’t get proper medical care, and there’s only one high school in the area. Also, the roads are bad, making it hard to reach clinics on time.

Bacha Khan and Latifullah, who live in Gayan district, say the roads are in bad shape. Because of this, sick people can’t get to clinics quickly. They also mention that there’s only one high school, and the schools don’t have proper buildings. This makes it tough for students to learn, especially children who need a safe and conducive environment for education.

A strong earthquake hit Gayan District about a year and a half ago. Many families lost their homes, and some are still waiting for shelters. Authorities and NGOs are trying to help, but around 4,000 families still don’t have proper housing.

Mar Afghan

Mar Afghan is a reporter for The Afghan Times.

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