1 week ago

    Taliban Forces Closure of Women-Only Restaurants: The Last Haven for Afghan Women Workers Under Threat

    In Taliban-controlled Afghanistan, the closure of these women-run small restaurants is a significant setback. Since their return to power in…
    2 weeks ago

    Triumph Over Adversity: Afghan Women Athletes to Shine at Paris Olympics

    The upcoming Paris Olympics will witness three remarkable Afghan women representing their country despite women athletes facing severe adversity under…
    2 weeks ago

    Afghan women and girls join online study programs despite Taliban’s ban on female education

    The providers report strong demand from Afghan women for English language, science, and business courses. This surge follows the Taliban’s…
    3 weeks ago

    University entrance exam in Afghanistan: a significant decrease in participants

    The Kankoor (Afghan university entrance exam) process for universities and higher education institutions in 34 provinces of Afghanistan has concluded.…
    June 10, 2024

    The child labour crisis in Afghanistan: the Taliban’s ban on women‘s right to work increases child labour and poverty

    “If I go to school, my family will have nothing to eat,” said Johar. “I am the sole breadwinner for…



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