Help Needed for Afghan Children on Children's Day

Help Needed for Afghan Children on Children's Day

On International Children's Day, attention turns to the tough situation of many Afghan children, who are dealing with not having enough food and other problems. Things have gotten worse as children return from Pakistan, finding themselves with little to eat and unsure about what comes next.
Life is getting harder for Afghan children, like Shabnam, who just came back from Pakistan. She shared, "We don't have anything to eat. No milk. Everything costs money, so what should we do?"
Adding to the difficulties, lots of Afghan children, even those under five, are doing hard work like helping in brick kilns and washing cars in markets to support their families. Ahmad, a child worker from Kandahar, explained, "We work hard all day. Our ears hurt in the evening. Provide us with different work so we don't have to do this heavy work. If I don't work, how can I build a house?"
Since the Taliban came back to power in Afghanistan, things have gotten really tough for the country's children. They're dealing with new challenges that could affect their lives and future.
No School for Many Children 
One big issue is with going to school. The Taliban has made rules that stop girls from going to school, and they've changed what children learn. This is making it hard for many schools to stay open, and lots of children, especially girls, can't go to school like they used to.
Healthcare Worries
Getting to the doctor is also a big problem. Groups that help people are finding it hard to give medicine, and the places where people go for healthcare are having a tough time. This means Afghan children might get sick more, and it's not good for their health.
More Unsafe Situations
Things are not safe for children overall. The fights and lack of stability make it hard for families to keep their children safe. Many children are at risk of being hurt, having to leave their homes, and feeling really scared.
Help from Others
People from around the world are trying to help Afghan children. They're giving things like school help, healthcare, and support for their feelings. But it's not easy because it's hard to reach some places, and it's not always safe.
Everyone Needs to Help
Leaders and groups worldwide are being asked to focus on helping Afghan Children. They're saying that using diplomacy, giving more help, and working together are important to make things better.
As the world tries to figure out what to do in Afghanistan, the children there need everyone's help. Making sure they're safe, can go to school, and stay healthy is really important for a better future in Afghanistan.