Open Mic Ep 1 – The Afghan Times podcast

Ep 1 with Marwa Hoshmand - Student from Afghanistan

Episode: Under Taliban rule, girls in Afghanistan are now banned from attending school past the sixth grade. Women are banned from universities and from working at most jobs. They have no voice, political or otherwise. They cannot leave their homes without a male chaperone. They are not allowed to go to a playground, walk through public parks, or play sports. They spend most of their days hidden inside their homes.

A new hope emerges as women and girls struggle to adjust to this challenging existence. This hope comes in the form of online education. 19-year-old Marwa Hoshmand finds the online lessons provided by volunteers helpful. She believes these online classes are the only hope for Afghan women students.

To Listen: Marwa shared her achievements and hopes from online education.

Open Mic: This podcast by The Afghan Times explores Afghan women’s challenges and achievements. The podcast features short interviews by Gul Najib with individuals who share their experiences.

Host: Gul Najib, journalist for The Afghan Times.

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